UPDATE: Baseball IS Coming Back!

UPDATE: Baseball IS Coming Back!

Remember, we told you youth league baseball was coming back? Be ready with custom trading pins for your team!

Rick Cundiff

Hey folks, remember what we told you not long ago that we’re optimistic about youth league baseball coming back? Well, it looks more and more like it’s going to happen this summer!

Increasingly, the youth leagues are making plans to play in summer 2021, even if it has to be under Covid-19 restrictions. You can’t keep a good sport down!

As of February 25, Little League®, Cal Ripken Baseball®, Cooperstown Dreams Park, and Dixie Baseball have all announced plans to operate this season.

While specifics are limited at this time, most of the organizations are making plans to hold tournaments in late July/early August. Cooperstown Dreams Park has announced it will open its season earlier this year as well, but has not specified when that will be.

Of course, there will be important modifications and restrictions, including games being closed to the public in some cases, the return of America’s pastime is a great thing.

Trading Pins Are Still a Part of the Game, Too

At TJM Promos, we’re optimistic that one of the traditions that will continue at the tournaments is baseball pin trading. It’s great that players who don’t know each other can become friends by trading custom pins at tournaments and games.

If your team is getting ready to get back into the action, now is a perfect time to design your trading pins for this year. You don’t want to be caught short when the action resumes, do you?

We believe in the power of youth sports to enrich young lives and give players self-confidence and mastery. That’s why we’re rooting for the successful return of baseball, softball and other sports later this summer. We will continue to post additional information on this website as we receive it. We’re confident this season can still be great!

For more information about the 2021 tournaments, schedules, rules and more, contact the appropriate league:





Rick Cundiff

Rick Cundiff

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