What We’re Looking Forward To in 2024

What We’re Looking Forward To in 2024

We're excited about all the potential that 2024 holds. What are YOU looking forward to this year?

Rick Cundiff

A new year always brings new possibilities and new adventures. Here are some of the things our TJM staff is looking forward to this year:

Matt Fischer

I am looking forward to running longer and faster in 2024 than I ever have in my life.  I set a distance and speed personal record for myself on the last day of 2023 to lay the groundwork for 2024. I am also looking forward to going to Spain for the first time to run with the bulls at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona (unrelated to previous outlook – but they do go together.) [Editor’s Note: We’re guessing that’s a GREAT incentive to set a new personal speed best!]

Rick Cundiff

I’m looking forward to a year of new opportunities. My wife and I are excited about the prospect of more travel this year, and more fun activities with friends and family. Beyond that, the year is full of possibilities, and I’m eager to see what it brings.

Shannon Moore

For 2024, I'm looking forward to the surprises. You have the schedule and expected things, like birthdays and holidays, but the unexpected is exciting. Last year we got puppies, the year before I had a new baby. There's no telling what this year has in store for me or my family!

Matt Maio

I didn’t really make any serious resolutions this year. I did make a kinda silly one though. I am looking forward to hopefully catching a Mahi Mahi this year.

Deanna Thomas

I think I am most looking forward to watching both of my kids grow into new interests and hobbies. I know "my kids" is the easiest go to answer, but it's absolutely the best!

My daughter made the decision near the end of last year to switch her interest from dancing to softball and weightlifting. This change takes her away from something that she's done since she was five years old, and now as a freshman in high school, she is jumping head-first into two sports she has never tried before.

My son has also decided to change things up and try a new sport, lacrosse! It has been nerve racking as a mom, but extremely proud and exciting to watch this crazy boy go from basketball, to soccer, to flag football, to now playing a TRUE contact sport … and he's great at it! It amazes me to watch a kid who is half the size as the majority of his teammates, walk onto a field with no fear!

I can't wait to see where these new sports take both of my kids. and I also look forward to a new year that brings unknowing and endless possibilities! I think 2024 is going to be a great year for everyone!

Anthony Caruso 

I'm looking forward to becoming a better person both mentally and physically. Next month will be my two-year anniversary with my loving wife Lucy, so looking forward to celebrating that. Look forward to continuing and contributing to the best of my ability every day at my job, which is going on 7 years. Could not have asked for such a great company to work for especially being surrounded by a great bunch of people and such great friends. Last I hope for an exciting baseball season and WIN a World Series  Go Yankees!!!! 





Rick Cundiff

Rick Cundiff

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